Colourstrings North Wiltshire

Music gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything. – Plato

Colourstrings North Wilsthire is music and movement classes for 0-5s, to inspire a love of music and develop musicianship using the Colourstrings Kindergarten approach to music.  In a fun, enjoyable and relaxed environment, children encounter the characters of Musicland, meeting Mummy Bear and Baby Bear as well as others, such as Elsie the Elephant, Mr Goat and Harry Hare (to name but a few!) whilst singing songs, saying rhymes, playing on instruments, moving and dancing to music as well as playing games.  

At the same time as having loads of fun, with activities aimed at their ability and development, children also learn about music through the internationally respected Kodály philosophy.  Songs are sung in appropriate keys for little voices to facilitate singing in tune from a very young age, which develops confidence. To the casual observer it may just seem like we sing songs and play games, however, all activities are carefully structured and developed in progressive lessons to develop the necessary musical skills needed to prepare children for starting instruments at an early age as well as other necessary skills covered by the EYFS framework.  

Much research has also looked specifically at other non-musical benefits for children who have Kodály music training from a young age, with lots of evidence showing how it aids language, mathematical as well as social development.  In addition to that, singing releases endorphins, which are good for you, and helps to create an atmosphere which encourages bonding between carers and children – all the more reason to come and join the fun.

He who begins life with music will have this reflecting on his future like golden sunshine. – Zóltan Kodály