About Alta


Alta is an Associate Colourstrings Kindergarten teacher for 0-5 year olds and is currently offering Colourstrings classes in Calne Free Church as well as some local nurseries in and around Calne.  Her passion for music and teaching began at an early age – in fact, at the age of five (when she started to learn the piano) she already knew that she wanted to devote her life to music.  After she completed her B.MusHons in South Africa (where she was born) she came to the UK to teach Music in secondary schools which she loved and enjoyed for nearly fifteen years.

With the birth of her son, sColourstrings Alta 1he started to look for the best methods and approaches suitable for young children which led her to the Kodály approach. When she could not find any classes within a reasonable distance, she decided to train in the approach herself, initially so that she could ‘do it at home’.  However, she so passionately fell in love with the Colourstrings philosophy, that she decided to make a career move from secondary school music to Kindergarten.

Alongside being a mum and teaching Colourstrings, Alta also runs her private piano practice, Ridgway Music Studios, where she teaches piano and theory to all ages.  She regularly plays the piano in her local church, directs the occasional choir and performs chamber music in local concerts when the opportunity arises.

Alta is an ISM registered private teacher and has DBS clearance.