Songs and Resources

sr-pentatonicSinging Rascals

The core repertoire of a Colourstrings class is the Singing Rascal books and typically each class will contain at least three songs from this series.   The songs in these colourful and beautifully illustrated books have been carefully selected and composed to develop musicality, inner hearing and an innate sense of pulse.  It is therefore advisable to buy the books and/or CDs as it will help to learn the songs more quickly and also sr-la
encourages musical interaction at home by giving a link between the lesson and home.  At the same time it reinforces a love for books, therefore developing literacy as well as deepen bonds between parents and children as they sing, interact and share together.   

There are thresr-doe Colourstrings books, Pentatonic, LA and DO, each with their own CD.  The books and CDs are all £7.50 each.  You can purchase these directly from the Colourstrings website, alternatively they will be available at the class to purchase as well.  It is not always necessary to purchase all the books at the same time – your session leader  will advice you on which book will be most suited to buy first, based on the class that your child is attending.  

Other Songs and Rhymes

Here are the words to some of the other favourites we say and sing in class:

1 little baby – 1 little baby rocking in a tree.  2 little babies splashing in the sea.  3 little babies crawling on the floor.  4 little babies knocking on the door.  5 little babies playing hide and seek.  Now shut your eyes quite tightly, until I see, ‘Peek!’

3 little birds – 3 little birds, all fast asleep.  3 little birds say, ‘Cheep, cheep, cheep.’  Along comes mummy with a big fat crumb.  One little bird says, ‘Yum, yum, yum!’  2 little birds …. (etc)

3 little monkeys – 3 little monkeys swinging in a tree.  Along comes a crocodile as quiet as can be.  ‘Hey Mr Crocodile, you can’t catch me!’  Snap, and another little monkey for the crocodile’s tea.  2 little monkeys …. (etc)

5 little peas – 5 little peas in a pea pod pressed.  One grew, two grew and so did all the rest.  They grew and they grew and they would not stop, until one day the pod went … POP!

All the little ducks – All the little ducks go upside down, upside down, upside down.  All the little ducks go upside down, when they dabble in the bottom of the pond.  All the little ducks go wiggle, waggle, wiggle ….  All the little ducks go snap, snap, snap ….  All the little ducks go flap, flap, flap ….

Bee, bee, bumble bee –  Bee, bee, bumble bee, stung a man upon his knee. Stung a pig upon his snout. I declare that you are out.

Chop, chop, choppity, chop – Chop, chop, choppity, chop. Chop off the bottom and chop off the top. What we have left we will put in the pot. Chop, chop, choppity, chop.

Clip, clop – Clip, clop, clip, clop, off to market never stop. We’ll be fast as we can be, back at home in time for tea. Clip, clop, clip, clip, home from market, now we stop.

Come and join the march with me – Come and join the march with me.  It’s so easy can’t you see: one foot up and one foot down – marching, marching through the town.

Criss, cross, apple sauce –  Criss, cross, apple sauce.  Spiders crawling up your back.  Cool breeze.  Tight squeeze.  Now you have the shivers!

Everybody says sit down – Everybody says sit down, sit down. Everybody says sit down, sit down. But I can’t sit down, no I can’t sit down, ’cause my feet are full of jump around. Jump up, jump out, dance around. Everybody, everybody dance around. Jump up, jump up, dance around. Everybody, everybody dance around.

Fishy, fishy in a brook – Fishy, fishy in a brook.  Daddy caught him with a hook.  Mummy fries him in a pan.  Baby eats him like a man.

Golden corn – Golden corn is growing so high and the wind blows east and the wind blows west and the little tiny mouse runs back to her nest.

Here is a baby – Here is a baby ready for a nap, put him down in mummy’s lap.  Cover him up so he won’t peep.  Rock him gently ’til he sleeps.

Here is a beehive – Here is a beehive, where are the bees?  Hidden inside where nobody sees.  Watch them come slowly out of the hive.  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, buzz!

Jack in the box – Jack in the box jumps up like this. He makes me laugh when he waggles his head. Gently I press him down again, but Jack in the box jumps up instead.

Mice, mice – Mice, phew! Mice, phew! Eating up the rice, phew! Nibble, nibble, nibble, nibble. Nice, nice, nice, phew!

Old Brass Wagon – Circle to the left, Old Brass Wagon. Circle to the left, Old Brass Wagon. Circle to the left, Old Brass Wagon – you’re the one my darling!

On my toe – On my toe there is a flea, it is crawling up on me: over my tummy, on my nose, on my head where my hair grows! On my head there is a flea, no it’s crawling down on me: over my tummy, on my knee, on my toe. Take that you flea!

Once I had a cherry stone – Once I had a cherry stone, I put it in the ground. And when I came to look at it, a tiny shoot I found. The shoot it grew and grew and grew and soon became a tree. I pick those juicy cherries then and ate them for my tea.

Peter taps with one hammer – Peter taps with one hammer, one hammer, one hammer. Peter taps with one hammer all day long.

Rickety, rackety, rocking horse – Rickety, rackety rocking horse, over the fields we go. Rickety, rackety, rocking horse, a gallop, a gallop, a gallop, a gallop, a gallop, a gallop, a WOW!

See-saw up and down – See-saw up and down, in the air and on the ground. Riding on a see-saw. Riding on a see-saw.

Shoe a little horse – Shoe a little horse. Shoe a little mare, with a tap-tap here and a tap-tap there. But – let the little colt go bare, bare, bare.

Slowly, slowly – Slowly, slowly, very slowly, creeps the garden snail. Slowly, slowly, very slowly, up the wooden rail. Quickly, quickly, very quickly, runs the little mouse. Quickly, quickly, very quickly, through the little house.

Swing me over the water – Swing me over the water. Swing me over the deep, blue sea. Swing me over the garden path and swing me home for tea.

Teddy bear, teddy bear – Teddy bear, teddy bear touch the ground. Teddy bear, teddy bear turn around. Teddy bear, teddy bear walk down the street. Teddy bear, teddy bear, tickle your feet.

When I’m asleep – When I’m asleep, I take a little peep at dinosaurs with great big paws and pigs and kings and lot of things. When I’m asleep. Hush, I’m asleep! I think I’m asleep. The merry day so golden bright is drifting into pale moonlight. Hush, I’m asleep!

Zoom, zoom, zoom – Zoom, zoom, zoom, we’re flying to the moon. Zoom, zoom, zoom, we’re going very soon. If you want to take a trip, then get into a rocking ship. Zoom, zoom, zoom, we’re flying to the moon.