Ridgway Music Studio

schimmel-213t-bp-1Ridgway Music Studio is the name of Alta’s private music studio, of which Colourstrings North Wiltshire forms a part.

Other services Ridgway Music Studio offer are:

Piano lessons

These are available to all ages and you are truly never to old to start! Lessons are tailored to the individual and students are encouraged to perform in different platforms such as festivals, concerts, examinations as well as regular studio concerts to provide everyone with an opportunity to perform, if they so wish to.

Alta draws from and incorporates a range of strategies, which also includes the Kodály approach, to develop the whole musician, rather than just the ability to read notes. Students are encouraged to read notation, learn to sight-sing, improvise, transpose, partake in ensemble playing, arrange and compose. For younger beginners (and even older ones) we play lots of games and move to music, which makes the learning experience fun, multi-sensory and engaging. This in turn helps students to make more connections between the different elements which deepens the learning experience.

If you have any queries, please complete the contact form below. Alta is also very happy to provide references from pupils or parents of pupils, on request.


Theoretical understanding (as well as general musicianship skills) are integrated within the instrumental lesson, however lessons are offered for students to prepare for grade Grade V theory and beyond. Theory lessons for students who don’t have instrumental lessons at Ridgway Music Studio are also available. These can be shared or done within a small group-please enquire.

Performing and Accompanying 

Alta regularly performs and also plays for church services and weddings and has over 10 years experience accompanying for examinations, festivals and concerts. Use the contact form below for any queries about weddings or accompanying for examinations, festivals or concerts.


Choral conductor

Alta has more than 10 years experience conducting and directing choirs and annually directs the Calne Community Christmas Choir, a pop-up choir in Calne around Christmas time. To find out more about this or if you are looking for a choral director for a choir, then please use the contact form below.

If you have any queries regarding any of these services, please contact Alta via the contact form.

Alta is a member of EPTA and has DBS clearance.

 ‘I just want to thank you so much for being such an amazing piano teacher for the past couple of years I’ve been having lessons with you. You have such a wonderful style of teaching, which taps in to so many different parts of the brain! You’re truly brilliant at what you do and it’s been really great to work with you.’ – Sarah Mayall